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Assignments and Important Dates


World Studies: 

The first 6 weeks will be spent on Geography.  

Beginning with the 2nd 6 weeks the students will begin learning about the different countries of the world.  Our class will include discussions including culture, cultural borrowing, cultural diffusion and common institutions.  We will discuss how political boundaries that cut across cultural regions impact the people of those regions and will define demographic terms.  

We will also use maps to study the location and physical characteristics of the country or countries in that region.  They will also discuss the population, government, climate, economy and culture of each region.  The focus of each paper will be on the contemporary world, but historical information will be included where needed to help students understand the people, government, and social condition of each region.


The students will work on their edit and revising of sentences along with writing pieces that express their ideas or research on given topics.