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Karen Key

Karen L. Key

6th Grade Science

During this difficult time , please make sure that you stay on top of communications daily through email, but especially the Science announcements inside the 6th Grade Science Google Classroom Stream/Classwork. Feel free to email me for any extra help or set up an individual zoom! We can be successful if we work together!


Class Expectations: We use a journal in Science almost every day. In order to really understand Science, there will also be many labs during each six weeks so that students can learn the concepts through hands on experiences.  Science must be interactive with each student in order to be successful.

I am always happy to receive communications from parents in order to work together as a team for the best interests of the student!


1st Six Weeks Topics:

Introduction: Processes for Scientific Investigations 

Unit 01: Investigating Chemicals 

Unit 02: Investigating Properties of Matter